New release: Fleur de Lis

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From the liner notes:

St. Louis has a rich French heritage, evidenced in our street names such as Laclede, Des Peres, Chouteau and Lafayette. The fleur de lis, historically associated with the French monarchy, remains an enduring symbol of France and its conquests, and has a special significance for the city of St. Louis. It can be seen throughout the city in architecture, flags and business logos. In this album there is a connection to this heritage through music by French composers Dukas and Charpentier, and the New Orleans-inspired New Life Suite, another city associated with the fleur de lis.

With the exception of the Charpentier, all of the pieces on this CD were either written for us or arranged by us. One of our goals has been to promote new music, so we are happy to present two premieres. Collaborating with these composers has been a tremendous experience. The other works on this album consist of popular works for orchestra or piano that we arranged ourselves for trombone quartet, exercising our creativity. Each piece has significance for us as a group and as individuals, in much the same way as we approach our concept of sound - with room for each voice and its special nature, and yet a dedication to the whole. We wish you well as you travel up the Mississippi and land at our door. Bon Voyage!


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Fleur de Lis  credits:

Recording engineer: Paul Eachus

Produced by: Paul Eachus and the Trombones of the Saint Louis Symphony

Photos: Ray Meibaum

Additional photos: Attilio D'Agostino

Graphic design: Benjamin Krueger

Recording session video footage: Andrew J. Schiefelbein

Fleur de LIs is available at CD Baby and iTunes.



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"4.1", recorded in September 2008, and released in March 2010, includes our former colleague, Steve Lange, now of the Boston Symphony. This was our first full recording as a trombone quartet. We included music from the standard trombone repertoire that we felt we had something to say about. Also, original in the trombone quartet literature, is Conrad Henning's beautiful transcription of Francis Poulenc's Four Prayers of St. Francis of Assisi. The cover photograph, taken from the stage of Powell Symphony Hall, is by Ray Meibaum.

4.1 back cover.jpg

4.1 is available from CD Baby and iTunes