We are now the STL Trombones! 

In 2022, Gerry and Tim concluded their long careers with the St. Louis Symphony. But, along with Amanda and Jonathan, the quartet formerly known as The Trombones of the Saint Louis Symphony is still here, still striving to achieve our vision of performing with high chamber music standards and expanding the trombone quartet repertoire.

We invite you to take a look around, find out what’s new, as well as what you might have missed over the past seventeen years. 

Recent News...

Our repertoire

Our repertoire has evolved over the years. With the addition of Jon, we found ourselves playing more in the St. Louis community. But we felt the usual trombone quartet repertoire wasn’t the best program for a general audience.

Some of that material that can work, but after a few obvious choices, we found ourselves short. So we decided to adapt our repertoire to include arrangements and original pieces that fit into the situations we were regularly performing. We also wanted to contribute to the quartet repertoire, so we began commissioning new works.

As this process continued, we acquired a variety of new music. But commissions can add up fast, and writing your own music adds another creative outlet for us as musicians. Soon, writing for the group became our main way of adding to our repertoire.

Now, our ability to adapt what we perform to each event includes a larger range of different styles, from Gospel, Blues, light-hearted, as well as the “Ivory Tower’ tunes that could be thought of as more cerebral. (did I just say cerebral in the context of trombones?) So 15 years have added a lot to what we do, and we hope to what others may consider doing as well.

We hope to make most of our own music available soon, from a new publisher, called Ascenda Music. We hope you enjoy whatever we play, and thank you for giving us a listen. 

A short sampling of composers whose music we have performed and recorded includes:

  • J.S. Bach
  • Arcangelo Corelli
  • W.A. Mozart
  • Anton Bruckner
  • George Gershwin
  • Paul Hindemith
  • Eric Ewazen 
  • Joan Tower
  • Anthony Plog
  • Caleb Burhans
  • Carrie Magin
  • W.C.Handy
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