This repertoire represents years of acquiring new material, and we might add, countless hours of rehearsal. This is only possible when you really enjoy the people you’re working with. It’s fair to say that the quartet is a passion project. And while we took it very seriously, we probably lost a considerable amount of time in each rehearsal, due to the camaraderie and nature of our friendship. We talked a lot!

But we loved what we were doing, and we also love each other. Time playing together was a joy, and we hope this comes through as you listen.

And so many of these compositions represent a different style, different musical challenge. If you start with Bach, and end up with Joshua, you’ve covered some territory. Starting with the Prokofiev March, ending with Fit de Battle, and many tunes in between, another creative aspect of the members is displayed. No less than seven arrangements, and one original composition, are included, with commissions and gifts filling out the remainder.

So we hope you enjoy listening to this latest chapter in the STL Trombones. But I wonder, could you possibly enjoy it as much as we did? And isn’t that kind of what music is all about? 

To add to your enjoyment of this digital album, we have included a number of extras. Besides getting these tracks in both MP3 and WAV files for higher fidelity, you will also receive:

  • A colorful 20-page booklet full of behind-the-scenes stories about the piece and the group’s experiences with the music, displays of the art that inspired some of the compositions, and thoughts from the composers themselves on the music and the recordings.
  • A video containing five tips from the quartet’s members on aspects of the album production and recording that surprised them or that they learned from. Apply these insightful tips to your own recording and performances.
  • A PDF transcription of the five-tips video as a different medium for absorbing these important lessons.
  • The complete score and parts for the Piece on the album called Just a Closer Walk. The piece is part of a series of arrangements the STL Trombones wrote for performances in African American churches around St. Louis. They were inspired by a New Orleans style of free, somewhat improvised playing. Play what you see on the page, and/or use it as a basis for some of your own creativity. A $20 value in itself!



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