Our history with Edwards Instruments and Christan Greigo, their Director of Development, goes back many years.

When I sat in the section my first day on the job, we were all playing an Edwards trombone.

Over the years, we migrated to other makers but as time went on, we went back to this company from Wisconsin. Their commitment to the development of their horns, Christan’s knowledge on every aspect of the horn, from mouthpiece all the way to water key, is above and beyond anyone else we know.

His ability to work with each of us individually, crafting a horn that captures our own concept, while providing a unified section sound, is unparalleled. The clarity we need for our stage, and varied programming, is very important. It has the blend we need for low strings, and upper brass, on everything from Brahms to Aretha Franklin.

I won’t get into horn specifics, that’s for another time and place (look for that blog post soon!) but suffice it to say, we love our horns, almost as much as we love Christan! 

Gerry and Christan Griego

Christan Griego is more than just the Director of Development for Edwards Instruments.

Starting with being a fine  trombonist, everything he designs and builds must pass his standard of excellence. His keen ability to hear the personality of the individual player and then build a trombone perfectly fit to that player is nothing less than masterful.

From the custom mouthpieces that he designs to the leadpipe, slide, bell flare, type of metal, and trigger mechanism, Christan intimately understands how each of those components combine and balance to create a trombone tailor-made for the individual player. He’s even honest enough to tell you that your current horn is fine, but just needs maintenance!

Christan is truly one of a kind. Beside building instruments he also designs audiophile-quality turntables. His time spent listening to music through pristine quality audio has provided him with a unique additional benefit as an instrument designer. I suspect he also finds designing audio equipment quite a bit of fun!

Thank you, Christan, for all you do!

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