Opening and Closing doors video

The opportunity to make this video fell into place last April, and we are very pleased to share this with folks now. Once Gerry and Tim retired, it became difficult for the four of us to all be in the same place at the same time. However, Gerry “subbed” in for one week of concerts with the Symphony in St. Louis, and has fate would have it, Tim came in to do the same for the following two weeks. 

With one day of overlap, we rushed to put things in place for a day of video. It was shot by Derek Elz and his excellent crew at The Boo Cat Club on Union in St. Louis. It’s a great event space, and afforded us a few different creative looks for the video.

The music by native St. Louisan Adam Maness was written for us, and tells the story of Adam’s young son as he tried repeatedly to learn how to “open and close doors”. You can hear the struggle, the repeated efforts, the pause while resting to reassess, and the final triumph as the task is finally accomplished!

We hope you enjoy this unique video, and the music we came to really love. Don’t forget to get the high res copy of this from our newly released recording, Confluence.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy, and let us know what you think!


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